How Much Does Gastric Sleeve Cost?

In simpler terms, gastric sleeve surgery is a restrictive operation, in which doctor makes the stomach of the patient, smaller than before, which in turn, help the patient to lose weight. Nowadays, people are very confused, regarding the cost of gastric sleeve surgery, because it varies from place to place. So here in this article, you will get all the information regarding its cost and variations.

Actually, gastric sleeve cost more than gastric band surgery, but the cost of gastric sleeve surgery is considerably less than the gastric bypass surgery. Basically, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery is dropping, compared to previous years, because of the increased demand of this surgery and increased competition. But still, it costs too much, for middle class citizens.

There are many insurance companies, available in the market, which can help you to cover the cost of gastric sleeve surgery, but almost all of them require, that you go through some specific steps to assure them, that you can undergo the surgery and the surgery is right for you. Sometimes, you have to go to the weight loss program for at least six months, under supervision, so that the insurance companies can approve the surgery cost for you.

According to a reputed survey, gastric sleeve cost, across the country varies from 9,500$ to 24,000$. So you can say, the average cost of a gastric sleeve surgery is around 15,500$. You will find that the cost of gastric sleeve surgery varies throughout the United States. If the volume of a surgery is higher in one state, compared to others, then the price would be much less in that state. But it doesn’t mean that the cost of this surgery would be the same, in whole state, so you should explore different hospitals in your state and try to get the quote on each one.

Some people think that if they pay lower prices for the surgery, then they would not get the same treatment, and that could be harmless for them. But that is not true. Of course, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice the surgeon’s skills over price, but there are many factors, which affect the cost range in different hospitals. Actually, hospitals set the cost of a surgery and surgeons increase their price, according to the status of the hospital, but not always, so the overall cost of the surgery increased. So that’s why, it doesn’t necessarily means that you are getting the less skilled surgeon, if you are paying less money for the surgery.

According to some studies, if you have undergone the weight loss surgery, then you would be less prone to suffer from heart problems, diabetes and more diseases, compared to other obese people, who haven’t.

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